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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

How to Roast Corn on the BBQ

Many a time I have attended barbeque's where the host will serve Corn on the Cob...boiled in a large pot of water. Now...there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with this!! BUT, when you slowly roast corn on the barbecue...you get soooo much more flavour! Trust me!! Try this!

First thing you need to do is make sure you buy your corn still in the husks.
Gently pull back the husks and remove the silk. Pull the Husks back into place and put all the cleaned corn in a sink full of warm water. Let it sit for about 30 minutes...filling the sink with a little more warm water halfway through to keep it warm.

After 30 minutes of soaking place the corn on your pre-heated barbecue. I like to use a medium-low heat and slowly cook the corn for about 30-40 minutes.

Make sure to turn the corn every 10-15 minutes. The husks form a nice incubator of steam that slowly cooks the corn. Towards the end of cooking some of the husks might have burned off...don't worry..those small exposed pieces of corn will char a little and give extra flavour!

Once complete...cut off the husk and serve with butter, salt and spices...or just eat it plain!

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