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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Chicken & Brie Mini Panini's

I have been eating a lot of grilled sandwiches lately (read: Grilled Cheese) mostly due to busy evenings with all the training I have been doing lately for some big races. I also make grilled sandwiches because they are a great way to use up leftover protein and lettuce hanging around in the fridge. This sandwich was made with leftover roasted chicken and the combo of chicken and brie is one of my favourites!!

First I found some mini panini buns at the local bakery.

Slice the buns and spread a nice thick layer of sundried tomato pesto (Also found at the same Italian Bakery)

Add some fresh baby spinich

And top with a generous helping of the cooked roasted chicken.

Lastly add a few thick slices of Brie cheese. I am obviously a cheese monster and added A LOT of Brie.

Throw your mini-paninis on the grill and drizzle some EVOO on top. Grill until the brie is all melted.

 I am pretty positive I am having these again tonight for dinner. And maybe lunch tomorrow too.

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