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Friday, July 27, 2012

Toronto Food Trucks are here!!!

It seems like every metropolitan city in North America has adapted the food truck frenzy. Great for business districts where you pretty much only have the same food court choices as your local mall. Toronto has seemed to miss the boat on this trend...mostly because of City Hall red tape, but slowly..the food trucks are coming out! And last week...I chased them down over 3 days! Worth it!! Now the line-ups were long...most likely because Torontonians have been waiting for a long time for these!! Our only option until this summer has been hot dogs (aka Street Meat).

DAY 1: Per Se Mobile and Hogtown Smoke, Location: Bay and Front Streets

The line up for Hogtown Smoke was insanely long...

 however it was the menu options at Per Se Mobile that got me and a co-worker to their truck.
 Porchetta Sandwiches and Shrimp Tacos Sold us!!
 They also had Cane Sugar Lemonade...it was so refreshing that day when the mercury hit 42c!!!
 My co-workers Shrimp Tacos...I was told they were delish!
 My Porchetta sandwich...which was by far..the best pork sandwich I have EVER had! The bun had a sweetness to it (I am assuming it was a sort of sweet egg bread) and the pork was tender and juicy. They added a few pickled peppers too...which gave it a bit more salty flavour. Will def. hit this truck again!

DAY 2: Caplansky's Deli and The Toasted Tangerine (Same Location)

This Deli truck had a long slow moving line-up...I was in a rush so I was not able to wait in the line (however the Maple Bacon Doughnuts they had on the Menu were tempting)

 I decided to try out the Toasted Tangerine...where deep fried ravioli (deep fried anything really) seemed to be the big ticket.
 I ordered the deep fried Ravioli...they were HOT, crispy and filled with fresh ricotta and spinach. Served with fresh marinara...it was a very tasty lunch!
 For dessert I ordered the "Toasted Sweethearts". These were the big winner on this truck...filled with a Grilled Banana, Dulce de Leche and  Marscapone mixture...they were mouth watering...I wish I had a second order!

DAY 3: Caplansky's Deli and some other truck that was sold out of everything
 I decided to brave the long lineup and grab something from this truck...twice I had seen it and the line-ups were crazy...it HAD to be good!

I ended up getting the pulled pork slider (which was the same size as a normal pulled pork sandwich!) with a side of fries. The pulled pork was fantastic as was the coleslaw on top. Fries were crispy and delish!

In conclusion..the Toronto Food Truck seen is still very young...but in my opinion has made a fantastic start!!! I can't wait to try out some of the new trucks that will be introduced over the next couple months as well as re-visit some of these great ones already out there!!

For more information and times/locations of the trucks, please visit http://torontofoodtrucks.ca/

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