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Monday, August 27, 2012

Easy Artisan Crusty Bread!

I have been a very busy home cook lately and have a tonne of recipes to upload and write. But I have to post this one I made yesterday first....mostly because it was so darn easy and cook! Who doesn't like fresh warm crusty bread...slathered in butter. My husband and I almost ate the entire loaf of the Jalapeno Cheddar...it was THAT GOOD!

Anyhow, Recipe time!!

3 Cups All Purpose Flour (unbleached)
3 Tsp Sea Salt
1 Package Instant Dry Yeast (About 3 Tsp)
3 Cups Warm Water

These are just the ingredients for the basic bread. I got Creative!!

In a large bowl combine the Flour, Salt and Dry Yeast.

 Add your warm water and start to combine with a spatula then with your hands. Add a touch more water if the dough is too dry..you want it fairly sticky.
 I split this batch in half to make 2 large loaves, I also wanted to try 2 different flavours!
 I added 3/4 cup of grated Old Cheddar and 1 Jalapeno Minced.
 Combine with your hands until the cheese and jalapenos are incorporated into the dough. I left the second half of the dough plain.
 Place the dough into 2 bowls and cover with a dishcloth. Leave these alone for 8-10 Hours to rise...preferably somewhere warm like a bedroom or in my case, the dining room table that gets all the afternoon sun!!
 Once the dough has risen and doubled in size, place the dough on a heavily floured surface. You don't want to knead the crap out of this...just round it out. You still want it on the sticky side but with a light layer of flour on the outside. Now here is the key to baking this bread. You need a cast iron dutch oven (Le Cruset makes them, as well as Kitchen aid) with a lid. Heat your oven to 450F and place the empty Dutch Oven in to heat up for about 15 Minutes. Carefully remove from the oven and place the dough in the bottom of the pan. You will not need to grease or flour the pan.

 This was the plain loaf I made. I topped it with Coarse Sea Salt, A drizzle of Olive Oil and fresh Rosemary. Bake in the 450F oven for 30 Minutes covered, then 15 Minutes uncovered.
 I was actually amazed at how perfectly cooked this bread turned out!! Absolutly no sticking to the pan either!!

I didn't get the greatest picture of the Jalapeno Cheddar bread...but it was fantastic as well!
Try out some different flavours with this! Its an excellent base!

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