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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Weeknight Chicken Couscous bowl!

This past week has been crazy busy...and the weather has been less than inspiring to do anything but lounge around in pj's and catch up on some bad reality TV. When these slumps come around we make what we like to call "Chicken Bowls". We tend to always have some cooked chicken breasts hanging around for salads and sandwiches...and also for this dinner too!
Fill your bowl with some leftover grain...in my case we had leftover Israeli couscous. I have also used Rice, Brown Rice, regular couscous and quinoa. All are delish!

 Take some of your cooked chicken and roughly chop it up. Throw a bunch in the bowl.
 Add some Black Beans and Corn
 Top with Sliced Avocado, Chopped Green Onion and some shredded Old White Cheddar Cheese.
 Then I douse the whole bowl in my favourite Mexican hot sauce! You don't need it...but I like it!
Garnish with fresh lime wedges to squeeze over the whole bowl just before serving. Voila! Chicken Bowls! Perfect for those I don't wanna cook Thursdays!

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