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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Shortcut Spicy Bacon Baked Beans

Ever feel like some spicy rich baked beans but don't want to soak your beans for 24hours, then boil them, thennnn slow cook them?? Well that is me 100% of the time...if I want me some baked beans...I kinda want them that evening...or now. So this little recipe is the cheaters version of spicing up canned baked beans.
Even though its a huge cheat...it is seriously so delicious!

In an oven proof dutch oven take about a 1/2 lb of Bacon. Cut each strip in half and fry until about 70% done. You want most of the fat rendered but you don't want the bacon to get to the crispy point just yet. Remove from your pan and set aside on some paper towels to cool.
If the bacon released a lot of bacon fat I would drain it until you have about a tablespoon left in the pot. Add 1 Chopped Onion, Half a Green Pepper Chopped, and 1 Jalapeno Minced to the bacon greased pot. Cook until Onions have softened and turned a light brown. Add 1 Clove of minced garlic.
I like to use a combination of flavoured baked beans. I used 3 Cans of Beans with Pork and Molasses and 3 Cans of beans with Pork and Tomato Sauce. Add all 6 cans to the pot.
Stir to combine and bring this to a simmer.
Now its time to flavour this up! I added about 3/4 Cup of Diana Sauce BBQ Sauce (Original), 1/4 Cup of Brown Sugar, 1/4 Cup Apple Cidar Vinegar and 1 Tbsp Dried Mustard. Season with lots of fresh Ground Pepper (I found this needed no salt since the canned beans already have plenty of it!)
Stir to combine everything and top the Beans with the half cooked bacon. I wish I used more bacon...next time I will use the whole pound of bacon! Throw the dutch oven into the oven (not covered!) at 325F for about 1.5 to 2 hours.
Once done the bacon will be crispy and the sauce will have thickened (if it hasn't it will once you take it out and let it cool for about 10 minutes. SOOOSOOOO GOOOOOD! TRUST ME!

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