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Monday, March 28, 2011


While at the Wine and cheese show I had my first real encounter with jelly spread. They served me a cracker with roasted red pepper jelly. Totally afraid, I closed my eyes and popped the whole cracker in my mouth. I was sort of waiting for a gross texture and weird taste to envelope me since Jellies have always weirded me out. This is most likely because I have always associated Jellies with..well..Jello. And that is a dessert for kids…not an appetizer for adults! Well my friends, I have been proven wrong. SO WRONG. I am in love with this delicious sweet, salty, spicy mixture. I had to have it. So while out on my grocery trip I went to the gourmet foods isle and found this beauty.

Gourmet Red Chili Spread..mmmmmmm
I tried it on EVERYTHING when I got home. Rice crackers, Old Cheddar (my fave), even with a slice of leftover prime rib. THIS is my favourite new condiment. I recommend you go get yourself some today!

Now if only my husband will get on this boat…he still thinks it looks disgusting.


  1. Roasted red pepper jelly with some herb and garlic cream cheese on some toasted baquette pieces is my idea of a good time!