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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Yay me!

My Name is Jenn, This is my first blog and I love food. Whether it is rich, unhealthy fatty deliciousness, or smart, healthy lean choices, I love it all and will blog it all.

Family and friends are always asking me for new recipes and takes on old time classics, or want to try something new and know my brave culinary skills..so why not spead my knowledge on the internet for all to see and follow. I have to admit...I am not a writer (I crunch numbers for a living), so there will be grammar errors...but no spelling errors because I just realized there is spell check on here..Thumbs UP!

So I hope I can inspire all with some delish recipes on here! I will try and post photos of the finished meal when I can!

First Dish to be posted tomorrow...Beef Pot Pie! Yum!

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