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Friday, March 25, 2011

Toronto Wine and Cheese Show

Toronto Wine and Cheese Show…
Or better known as we want to get as many sponsors as possible into the International Centre and Charge you a fortune Show. Lots of wine…not so much cheese.
Yeah….Not as great as I thought it would be.
This is what I expected:
 I wanted interesting wine and cheese pairings offered by local and international wineries.
What I got:
Some free cheese from the Metro Grocery Store Booth, some limes and my photo on the Corona website, and out about $50 for some mediocre wine.
HOWEVER, I did have fun at the show. I had good company with me and we did try to taste a number of wines (1 to 2oz poured per drink ticket) that we had not tried in the past. I came home with a few new wines I wanted to find at the local LCBO and a lovely hangover the next morning.
Here are some snaps of the event. I still can’t believe I paid the equivalent of $4 for the Chocolate Covered Strawberry...4 glasses of wine can cloud your judgment.

 Gotta love the free Swiss Cheese!
 More Cheese!
 What the wine made me crave...it was pretty amazing!
 Some delish wines!
Taking a break towards the end of the evening! (Me on the right!)
Thanks for the company Amy!