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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Tis the season!!!

I love the holiday season! All the baking, lights and decorations...it just makes everything look so cheery and happy. And this past weekend the holiday baking began for our office childrens Christmas party!

This actually had zero baking involved...but turned out super cute and was a huge hit amoungst the kiddies!
 Here were all the supplies I needed...Fruit by the foot, marshmallows, oreos, lolly pop sticks, rolos, chocolate wafers and candy coated sunflower seeds (not pictured). The pretzels were for another project to be posted in a couple weeks!
 Take 3 Marshmallows and push them down the sticks...only pushing the last one half way so the stick doesn't come out through the top. Also set up something that you can stick the sticks in so they are upright...I used floral foam blocks and using my glue gun, glued them to the bottom of a Christmas basket.
 Now we will make some scarves! Take your fruit by the foot and but it in half length wise, then again into strips long enough to tie around the marshmallow.
 Starting to look like a snowman!!
 Next melt your chocolate wafers in the microwave in 20 second intervals until melted. Using a butter knife smear some chocolate on half an oreo and place the oreo on top of the marshmallow. Then take a rolo and smear some more chocolate on the bottom and place on top of the oreo. Now you have your hat!
 Using the rest of the melted chocolate, pour into a piping bag and pipe eyes and any other details on your snowmen. For the nose I cut a little slit with a sharp knife in the marshmallow then using a little melted white chocolate, stuck an orange candy covered sunflower seed in the slit.
These were a perfect take home surprise for all the kids! And so darn cute you don't even want to eat them!

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