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Friday, May 27, 2011

Veggie Garden Madness!

Hubs and I only moved into our home last winter, and with all the indoor renovations that took place, my outdoor work was limited last summer. Mostly because we were dead tired. I promised myself that this summer I would get to work on my own vegetable garden. Now, I did have a vegetable garden at our old home, but since we only lived there for one growing season, I kinda just planted everything to see what worked and what died. This year I am much smarter about this! However the design of the garden is still in its very early (and very ugly) stages. I want my veggie garden to look as good as my flower beds. I want it to be a piece of art! And I want it to be raised. Raised meaning this:
I want to be able to walk between the vegetables. Be able to weed easily without killing my back. And I love how the veggies are in separate boxes. So cool. I most likely won't be able to build this year because I have planted for the season. But I can organize all my wish lists in photo format!

I like the cinder block idea of this garden. Gives an interesting look.

 This garden is just dreamy. I already plant marigolds in between my vegetables (it helps keep away aphids from your veggies) But I love how there are cone flower and other perennials mixed in too. Marigolds aren't the only plant that keep away pests. Basil also keeps away mosquito's! I planted LOTS of basil this year!
 I love these raised planter beds. This is definitely going in the garden next year! I stole the flagstone stepping stones idea as well!

 If I could afford it...i would do all stone raised walls like this one. So neat and tidy looking!

This one has a pretty rustic feel to it. But I don't have that much space that I would want to dedicate to the garden.
I will take some pictures this weekend of my work in progress garden. Tell me what you think!

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