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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A Hidden Gem!

I have a very long commute, every day, into Downtown Toronto for work. I have been doing this commute for quite a few years now so it doesn't really bother me too much. However...I do love working downtown because of the food options (this foodie is stretching her wings!). One of my favourite food options is hitting up the St. Lawrence Market.

This place is amazing...you walk in to the warming smells of fresh breads, fish, meats and cheeses. I have spent many lunch hours walking the stalls and picking out gorgeous cuts of steaks and fresh farmers veggies. BUT, the real reason why I come here?

Oh my god...so good.

Mustachio is hidden in the corner of the basement level in the St. Lawrence Market. Every. Single. Time. I have visited there is this huge lineup of others who came for this reason as well

Eggplant and Veal Parmesan Sandwiches.

Thin Crispy Slices of breaded eggplant and Veal, slathered in marinara sauce and sauteed veggies on warmed foccacia bread. Its the best Italian sandwich in town. Hands down. Its also massive...you need to eat this baby in stages.

And for you non-veal lovers? They have chicken too. And pasta.

So get on down there and grab yourself a sandwich, you won't be disappointed!

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