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Friday, July 15, 2011

The fruits of my labour!

Earlier this summer I posted some veggie garden inspiration HERE
I didn't really get started on any beautiful designs but I did get some veggies growing for now. Next years design plans are HUGE! We are planning a 4 level garden dug into a hill space out back. I will be feeding the whole neighbourhood!!

 This is a picture of the garden when first planted April/May. Everything looks small and sad.

 These are my tomato plants now! I planted 3 different varieties. Cherry tomato, Heirloom Tomatoes and Black tomatoes. The heirloom and black tomatoes took a while to catch...but they are looking strong and are full of blooms! I will be harvesting my cherry tomatoes within the week!
 I planted broccoli too! This won't be harvested until later in the summer/early fall. Gorgeous plant though!
 Here is the celery I planted. Celery like sandy soil (part shade) that is kept moist. It grew really well this year! I have been harvesting it for a couple weeks now
 Lettuce! We have been harvesting our lettuce for about a month now. I planted 4 varieties, Spinach (all gone now), Boston, Red Leaf and Romaine. Homegrown lettuce is so much better than anything bought at a grocery store. It is buttery and soft, but crisp at the same time. I do not use any fertilizers for my vegetables...just water and compost.
 Potatoes!!! This is my first time planting potatoe and I had no idea the plant above ground grew so big!! It took up a large part of the garden bed! I have pulled up a few plants and got some baby red potatoes out. Going to leave the rest in for a while to continue growing until full size.

 Green Bell Peppers! I also have red, yellow and jalapeno peppers.

 Zucchini is well on its way and also taking over the garden beds. This is why next years garden will be so much larger!
And of course Hot Red Chili's!! Great for cooking and making homemade hot sauce!

I also planted Chives, Basil, Thyme, Red and Yellow Onions and Rosemary. Nothing like garden fresh veggies and herbs all summer long! What do you plant in your gardens? Do some veggies fare better than others where you live? This year cucumbers would NOT grow. I planted them 3 different times this spring and they all died away. Crossing my fingers for next year!!

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