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Monday, April 4, 2011

Breakfast for the week

For the past 2 months I have been ramping up my fitness routine and eating very healthy (just pretend you didn't see all the unhealthy foods I have posted on here the last month) for the most part ;). I tend to work out 6 days a week..sometimes twice a day so my diet is very important to me.

I am a HUGE believer that breakfast is important. Especially if you are working out multiple times a day like I am. I am always on the hunt for protein rich foods..especially something quick that I can take on the go.

There is a Juice Store in my building at work that makes healthy breakfast wraps. I was buying one of these babies every morning when I realized that I probably should be making these at home and saving myself some money. And I did just that.

Here is my recipe for Egg white and Mushroom Wraps on the Go!

You will need:

1 Whole Wheat and Flax Tortilla
4 Egg Whites
4 Mushrooms Chopped
2 Slices Low Fat Mozzarella Cheese
Salt & Pepper

In a non-stick frying pan saute your mushrooms in a little bit of canola oil until cooked. Set aside.
In the same frying pan scramble your egg whites with a little Salt and Pepper. Once cooked remove from heat and add the mushrooms. Throw the eggs in the tortilla and add the cheese. Roll up and toast on the frying pan until tortilla is nice and crispy. Wrap in tin foil enjoy on the go like I do. Lots of protein to get you going on this dreary Monday morning!

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