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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Maple Syrup!

Last weekend myself and a huge clan of family members headed up to Elmira, Ontario for the Elmira Maple Syrup Festival.
This festival brings me fond childhood memories as my parents brought me and my sister to this festival every year to venture into the sugar bush, eat loads of sugar filled goodies and of course, eat some pancakes.
I skipped on the pancakes this year to try all the other delicious foods offered at the festival. My nutrition plan was completely thrown out the window on this one!
 Gorgeous Scenic Drive

 The Mennonite mode of transportation
 The Mennonites are seriously talented people. I bought some delicious baked good to take home from some of these roadside stalls. And I bought my maple syrup from them as well!
 Cute cousin enjoying the tractor ride to the festival!
 The crowd. I heard someone say over 70,000 people will be attending this year. Insane!
 Giant Turkey Legs on the BBQ
 My turkey leg...sooooo good! I felt very barbaric eating this thing!
 Some of the stalls
 A work of art!
 Every sort of sausage you could ever desire!
on its way to become pulled pork
 Giant cinnamon buns!
 My mothers Apple fritters. These were so amazing!
 Pulled pork!
 The line-up for pancakes. Glad I skipped this one!
 Crowd at its peak
Some fun for the kids!

I highly recommend you attend this festival next year. Especially if you have a good appetite!

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