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Monday, June 6, 2011

Happy Monday, and quick update!

Summer is herreeeee!!! Yay!
This past weekend I ran a 10K race with a friend of mine up north in Southampton, Ontario. The weather started out on the bad side. But we had a 30 minute drive to the race so we thought it would blow over.
 There was crazy thunder, lightning, hail and barely visible driving conditions. Not the type of weather I want to run a race in. So the start was post-poned while we waited out the storm.
 We rested up in the car. In the meantime my carefully planned pre-race meal was digesting and I was starting to feel hungry again. I fought off the hunger and when the rain stopped the race began!
 Here we are after the race! Sweaty, wet and so happy to finish! (that's me on the left!)
After the race we enjoyed a beer in the hot tub at my husbands family cottage, and a much deserved feast!
This weekend was much too short for my liking!

I am still in the process of writing a couple of recipes to be posted this week. In the meantime I want some feedback! Let me know what you think of the blog/recipes/photos.

I appreciate it!


  1. hi jenny! your blog is awesome....you're so inspiring- first of all how do you eat lasagna at 2am and still look like you do? :) guess the marathons help! anyway, i looooooove your blog and have recommended friends to follow it too......delicious recipes and really detailed instructions make it easy to re-create! and the fact that you work full time, commute to the city, work out, run marathons and have time to cook real food with real ingredients? amazing! so lucky to have such a talented seeeeeeeester!

  2. Thanks Janna...you made my day with this comment :)