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Monday, June 20, 2011

Strawberry Week!

Its Here!! Its strawberry season!!! And I totally took advantage of that last Friday by going out picking!
All week I will be posting strawberry inspired recipes so I can encourage you to get out there and go picking yourselves! But first, going to the farm to pick them!

My day started out bright and early up in Milton Ontario at Springridge Farms!

 I managed to get there early enough before all the busloads of school children showed up. So it was quiet and really peaceful. Great start to my day!
So I jumped on the waiting tractor to bring me to my strawberry patch for the morning. Notice how the tractor was empty. Awesome!

 On the way to the patch.
 Strawberry's ready for picking!

 This was my designated row to pick from. I managed to get 2 full buckets of strawberries from this one row!
 Fruits of my labour!! When I got home I got right to work! I set some aside in the fridge for cooking this week and prepared the rest to freeze. Strawberry's freeze very very well but you have to prepare them properly! First hand wash the strawberry's.
 Now hull them

 And lay them flat on a baking sheet. Place them in the freezer for about 1 hour..just enough to flash freeze them and ensure they don't all stick together once you transfer them to your freezer bag.
 Into the bag they go and they are ready for your favourite smoothies, daiquiri's or even baking!
 I like to use them as ice cubes in white wine. So summery and delish!

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